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Bondtech Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 Kit

Feeder And Cold Block

This extruder upgrade kit for the Flashforge creator pro 2016 dual nozzle printer will replace the original feeders and coldblock.

Reliable With Flexible And Stiff Filaments

It allows for a more reliable printing with all sorts of filaments, both stiff and flexibles and the DualDrive system ensures that the extruder never looses grip of the filament so grinding, slipping is a thing of the past.

Construction Details

The original motors are used and the PTFE feedtube is held securely in place with an industrial 6 mm Push-fit connector for reliability.

Installs in about one hour with standard tools available. Full installation guide available at the tab installation guide.

This block has an 7.80 mm hole through the coldblock for the factory default heatbreak.
Please verify that your heatbreak fits before placing your order.

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Bondtech Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 Kit

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