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Ultimaker Print Core BB 0-40mm

0.40 mm Ultimaker print core for PVA Support material

Maximize print performance and machine uptime with our swappable, material-matching print cores. Set up your 3D printer in seconds, whether you need reliable build and support material combinations for geometric freedom, a different nozzle size, or to print in dual color.

Delivering industrial-grade results

  • Material-matching. Get quality, consistent results with customized nozzle geometries for different material types: non-abrasive plastics (AA), water-soluble support (BB), and abrasive composites (CC, for Ultimaker S5 only).
  • Fast setup. Quickly swap print cores and switch between different material combinations to minimize downtime.
  • More materials. Choose from a broad portfolio of Ultimaker materials or use with third-party filaments for properties to suit every application.
  • Accurate temperature reading. Maintain the perfect temperature for an even better quality print – with automatic, accurate temperature readings.
  • Nozzle size choice. Choose 0.25 or 0.4 mm for a higher level of detail and surface quality, or 0.8 mm for faster prints.
  • Reliable and durable. Better 3D printing results, with a new silicone cover to protect the extruder.
  • Lifetime support. Wherever you are in the world, our officially trained and certified partners offer free support – guaranteed for a lifetime.
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Ultimaker Print Core BB 0-40mm

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