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BCN3D Filaments ABS - 2-85 mm - 2-5 kg - Natural


ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is one of the most common technical materials in several industries around the globe. Its an engineering material which combines rigidity and resistance to impacts. It is the ideal material for technical applications and moving parts.

Traditionally a challenging material to print with FFF printers, it has been re-formulated to ensure good interlayer adhesion and to reduce warping. Our grade allows for excellent dimensional accuracy and high durability.

Compatibility: Find out the BCN3D printers and filaments compatibility


  • Parts under high mechanical stress
  • Strong prototypes and end-use parts
  • Aesthetic models
  • Commonly used on electronic or appliances cases, suitcases and phones
  • Precision fits, knobs, lids and buttons
  • Rigid models with snap-fit joints


  • Attractive matt surface quality
  • Good stiffness and dimensional stability
  • High impact resistance, even at low temperature (-10 ºC)
  • Good heat resistance, up to 100 ºC
  • Improved printability
  • Water resistant
  • Low resistance to organic solvents

Technical information

High temperature material that can take a hit

ABS is able to withstand high service temperature. Moreover, its excellent impact strength makes it ideal for those applications where vibrations or blows would fracture materials such as PLA or PET-G.


High thermal and mechanical resistance

ABS is perfect for creating parts that are very mechanically resistant, with high thermal resistance properties, as well.src=

Highly-functional and mechanically strong parts

ABS is ideal for parts under high mechanical stress with and attractive matt finish.


Validate prototypes

Its great mechanical and thermal behavior make ABS the ideal material for testing prototypes before entering full production.


- BCN3D Filaments ABS - 2-85 mm - 2-5 kg - Natural ist ein Artikel aus der Filament & Resin > Hersteller > BCN3D Kategorie.

BCN3D Filaments ABS - 2-85 mm - 2-5 kg - Natural

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