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BCN3D Filaments BVOH - 2-85 mm - 500 g


BVOH (Butenediol vinyl alcohol copolymer) is a water-soluble thermoplastic optimized for the FFF manufacturing process. Our BVOH extends the compatibility with most of BCN3D filaments and can be easily printed to create the support and then dissolved with ordinary water. In comparison with PVA, BVOH supports allow to achieve better surface quality, to orientate the part to get better mechanical properties and even to print multi-component models and mechanisms with a fastest dissolution and easier to remove.

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  • Water-soluble supports for partially enclosed cavities and complex geometries
  • Smooth finish on functional prototypes
  • Sacrificial molds
  • Movable mechanisms
  • Hollow parts


  • Water-soluble material
  • Compatible with PLA, Tough PLA, PET-G, TPU 98A, ABS, PA and PAHT CF15
  • Fastest dissolution
  • Easy to remove inside small parts
  • Less clogging issues
  • Highly hygroscopic

Technical information

Dissolution time BVOH vs PVA

BVOH is an outstanding support material for dual extrusion with record dissolution times in water compared with PVA. During the solubility test, BVOH shows dissolution times in water two times faster than PVA.


Wide compatibility with BCN3D Filaments portfolio

 BVOH is compatible with most of the BCN3D Filaments and can be easily printed to create the support and then dissolved with ordinary water.


Printing of large overhangs

Our BVOH is compatible with PLA, PET-G, ABS, TPU, PA and PAHT CF15, thus allowing the creation of water-soluble support structures for the printing of parts also when using highly technical materials.


Printing of complex parts

Exceptional quality of the surfaces in contact with the supports and easy removal of the support even in hard-to-reach geometries.


Support for technical materials

Excellent compatibility and adhesion with ABS and exceptional quality of the surface in contact with the support material.


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BCN3D Filaments BVOH - 2-85 mm - 500 g

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