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BCN3D Lubrication Kit

Our Lubrication Kit contains all the necessary products to ease periodic lubrication operations. These operations are done to reduce friction and wear between printer mechanisms. Correct lubrication of the moving parts is critical, because it can directly affect the final quality of the prints.

The Kit includes 3 products with different functions: Grease to smear into the Z-axis leadscrew, Solvent to clean the dust and filament remnant that may fall in the guide rails and, finally, Lubrication Oil to lubricate X-axis and Y-axis.

Compatibility: All BCN3D Printers.

How to use it?

Find how to do the lubrication processes in our Support website. This maintenance is recommended through the LCD screen by the printer itself when the hotends have travelled a certain distance.

Note: If the printer has not been habitually used during 3-4 months, it is recommended to do lubrication operations.

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BCN3D Lubrication Kit

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